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Chief Restructuring Advisor

Your bank lender may have recommended it, or you may understand your business is overleveraged, has tight cash flow, and needs a viable plan to return to financial and operating stability. Successfully restructuring the financial condition and operations of a business requires a knowledgeable restructuring team lead by an experience Restructuring Advisor. This process usually involves company management, key employees, accounting and legal professionals, and Board / Owner representatives to not only achieve a successful outcome, but ensure the company is viable and returns to profitability for the long term. 

Creating the necessary confidence in and commitment to the restructuring process from the business's management, lenders, vendors,  investors, and restructuring team members is an essential role provided by the Restructuring Advisor.

The Business Restructuring Process involves three major phases:

  • PHASE I: Background overview and initial assessment to understand evolution of the business's financial challenges. Identify core business viability and key performance drivers. Establish lender, key vendor and owner/investor communications. Determine secured lender's objectives. Develop short term stabilization actions and initial rolling 13 week cash flow forecast.

  • PHASE II: Identify balance sheet and operations restructuring strategy alternatives and prepare financial forecast models. Initiate lender, vendor, and owner negotiations. Recommend, select and communicate restructuring Business Plan strategy. 

  • PHASE III: Implement Business Plan, manage, revise, and adjust strategies and tactics as required. Continue communications with Lender(s) and identify alternative financing sources, if needed. 

Clearbrook Enterprise Advisors, LLC has the deep experience needed to lead all phases of the restructuring process to a successful conclusion.

Industry experiences include:

  • Manufacturing, Specialty Machining, Food processing, and others.

  • Defense industry software.

  • Banking, Private Equity.

  • Commercial construction contractors.

  • Commercial litigation and dispute resolution.

  • Reorganization through bankruptcy.

Related direct experience includes:

  • Businesses transitions.

  • M&A transactions and restructures.

  • Corporate governance, board operations, bylaws, operating agreements for C Corps, LLCs, LPs.

  • Experience serving on audit, finance, compensation, CEO recruiting, and M&A subcommittees.

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